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Welcome to the world of Wild Cards, a world where an outbreak of an alien virus known as the wild card virus touched most of the population in various cities of the world and changed them forever. In this shared universe, the world had been changed in 1946 with the outbreak of the virus all over new york and quickly followed all around the world. The wild card virus was known as his name because of the luck of the draw, rewriting people DNA in ways and forms that you couldn't have imagined before.

90% of the people draws the black queen, which means that they end up dying in horrible death, sometime quick and painful, and for the unlucky ones, long and painful. The deaths can vary wildly from spontaneous combustion to melted faces, bones and muscles.

9% Survive the virus and ends up with deformities and they are known as the Jokers, some can be quite monstrous other can just be a slight change, like having an extra limb or two.

1% of the people gains a power, it can be a minor one those ones are known as the Deuces or a very powerful and useful one, those are known as the aces. The 1% looks and can pass for humans fairly easily, that's why they are the lucky ones.

The world has been changed and rewritten as we know it from 1946 and beyond.

This is the year 2007 and the new favorite reality show, American Hero! Teams of Wild Carders compete against each other in various challenges every week. The prize is a million dollar, there are four teams for each suits (Diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades). Now are you ready to become an american hero?

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