Last Chance

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  • Created Sep 22 '10
  • Last Post Oct 15 '10 at 12:40am
  • Status Complete
  • System Dark Heresy

Game Description

Last Chance
An Original Dark Heresy Adventure


"For thousands of years humanity has reached for scraps with its blood-flecked jaws, not asking, but demanding to be fed. And what has fed the slavering masses, Inquisitor? What is it, Inquisitor, that keeps the countless billions warm across the material realm? WHAT, INQUISITOR, is it that the Emperor himself used to unite a galaxy torn apart by the Dark Age of Technology? War. It is this single fact that allows the Warp to corrupt and consume us. We are defined by destruction, and by its unforgiving hand we will be judged today."
~ Inquisitor Tarlus, Ordo Malleus

The Imperium is in grave danger from one of its oldest foes; humans. As the war against Chaos at the Eye of Terror rages on, a band of unknowns must come together under the banner of the Inquisition to thwart yet another attempt by Chaos to topple the Imperium from within. In Last Chance, the unknown heroes will be forced on their knees and have their faith battered until sanity flees from their minds in an adventure that will culminate in the resolution of a little considered question caused by the Horus Heresy. In true Warhammer 40,000 style, the acts of the few will decide the fate of the many as players take their role in what could be the last stand of humanity.

Hello everyone! My name is Addison and this will be my first campaign on Myth Weavers. I have run upwards of 20 games across various game systems and this would make my 5th Dark Heresy campaign. This game is designed to be an epic of sorts that will start characters at first level and run them all the way to max, all the while giving interesting and engaging story true to the 40k storyline and spirit. I am confident that this game will run relatively smooth and I look forward to reading your character submissions.


Books: All Dark Heresy books published prior to the release of Rogue Trader are acceptable.

Character Creation:

**NOTE** I will only be choosing 4 characters so some of you may make a character sheet for nothing. If you have a problem with this do not leave before reading all of this section.

All characters are to be first level (400xp) and can be of any class. Follow all the core rulebook's guidelines when making your character. All physical attributes may be chosen and do not have to be randomly generated.

IF you do not wish to generate a character sheet until you have been selected you are not responsible for providing a fully functioning character sheet but you are required to submit basic information that I will use to decide who gets to play and that information is as follows:

a. Name
b. Career
c. Brief Description of Physical Appearance
d. Background

All of the above mentioned items can be as detailed as the player wants but the more extensive the information is, the more I can determine about the player and consequently, the more likely it is you will get in.

Players can submit their characters here.

REQUIREMENTS: The only thing I ask is that you are able to post at least every other day.

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