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Pull anchor and set sail! Join the crew to become a pirate true

"Where there is a sea there are pirates. -Greek Proverb"

A Brief Overview The region of the Archipelago has enjoyed relative peace for a little less than a decade. The group of islands were claimed in the name of the Farovian king, King Leopold IV, which has made sour blood between the Farovians, Kakori elves, and the native Darfellan. In the midst of this begrudged peace rose an army of pirates that plague the already strained trade agreements between races. With a sea of wealth before them it is indeed rich times to be a pirate.

The game: You are a group of adventurers setting out to sea. You may choose to become a pirate and live off of your crimes or join the many governments working to put an end to this Golden Age of Pirates. The choice is up to you. This game will be a good mix of roll-playing and role-playing which is entirely up to the group to decide though I enjoy role-playing far more.

Character Creation: Apply in the Character Thread In Game Forum
Starting Level is 3
Starting Equipment is Whatever you will use from PH with 1 of them being a Masterwork Item (Weapon, Armor, Tools ect.)
4d6v1 or 32 point buy (Pick one and stick with it)

Appearance: 1 Paragraph
Personality: 1 Paragraph
Personal History: 2-3 Paragraphs

Allowed books: Core, All completes Races of Everything, Stormwrack. If you think your class or feat may be questionable feel free to ask me to review and make an executive decision on it. Do not try to power play this campaign. I build characters in my free time. I will be able to tell.

*Accepting 8-10*
And acting as Co-DM for Baldor: Hydroc

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