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BackgroundIn the year 285 After Chaos, King Pindar of Chalice, knowing that his aged body would not see many more summers and fearful of the advance of Evil, sought to provide for the safety of his people after his demise. Mindful that a small city-state like Chalice could not stand alone for long, he sought an alliance with the mighty Salamonis. It so happened that King Salamon had a daughter of similar age to Pindar's so, and so a marriage was arranged. But before Prince Barinjhar and the lovely Sarissa could be wed, the Princess was kidnapped, even as she rode to meet her intended husband, by Xortan Throg, an evil-hearted sorcerer who dwelt deep in the forests, north of the Catfish River.

King Pindar hastily summoned his counsellors. Chalice was in dire danger, for surely Salamonis would be angry at the poor care taken of it's princess, and how could such a small city hope to provide enough warriors to overcome a mighty wizard? Why, his rocky castle looked as if it could withstand the onslaught of every army in Allansia. In desperation, it was suggested that the king hire a small, select band of expert adventurers, the sort of people for whom no odds are too high and wizard killing is all in a day's work...

CrunchRace: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf or Half-orc, ignore favoured classes.

Class: Must be chosen from the Generic Class list:
  • Expert
  • Spell caster
  • Warrior

These class abilities are used instead of those listed in the SRD.

Statistics: 32 point buy

Level: 2

Hit Points: Half each level + con bonuses. So as a warrior with Con:14 you would be entitled to 5+5+2+2 = 14 hps. A spell caster with the same Con would receive 2+2+2+2 = 8 hps.

Starting Gold: 300 gp

Please submit applications in the following format using spoiler tags for long sections. It is based on this part of your application that I will be selecting you.

1. Name:

2. Race and Class:

3. Description: If you've chosen a flaw or trait, how does it manifest itself in your appearance or mannerisms? If you have any high or low physical ability scores (Str, Dex, Con) how do they display themselves?

4. Background: I hate backgrounds because they're boring to read and tend to be a list of how the character learnt all her class skills and lost her parents at a young age. I'd prefer you wrote a sample of how you're likely going post for your character. Feel free to keep a bullet point history for your own benefit.

5. Personality: If you've chosen a flaw or trait, how does it manifest itself in your personality? If you have any high or low mental ability scores (Int, Wis, Cha) how do they exhibit themselves?

6. Role: What do you contribute to the battle field and to the camp fire?

7. Goals: What do you want out of life?

8. Love: What are your passions?

9. Racism: How do you feel about those ugly guys with big teeth and pointy ears?

10. Delusions: What do you believe about yourself or the world that isn't true?

11. Motivation: What inspires you to do what you do?

12. Religion: What has given you reason to believe or doubt the gods?

13. Vices: How do you relax and enjoy yourself? A character isn't real without a weakness. If you can't think of one, you're not thinking hard enough.*

14. Quotes: I know they're clichéd but they help you think how your character speaks

*Please note that Will saves will most likely be used as a mechanic to overcome your vices if you face them in the game. However I'd like you to see it more as an opportunity for role-play than a disadvantage.

Crunchy FluffAlignment
Alignment does not exist. Your values and loyalties are dependent on your upbringing and experience. You're free to act altruistically or selfishly, kindly or cruelly, generously or miserly, as your personality dictates. There will be no penalties for your actions unless you're truly depraved. In which case you will attract the attention of one of the Dark Lords and quickly deteriorate into an NPC. The absence of alignment is to provide an opportunity to add depth to your character not a Carte Blanche to act with an absence of morals. I expect maturity and goal driven decisions.

I would prefer you to stick to one class but if you must, a maximum of 2 classes please and one of them must be spellcaster.

You must meet the racial requirements of regional feats from the Forgotten Realms, regions to fit your character can be worked out with me.
I'll allow feats from most WotC sources, some that involve magic might have to be changed or vetoed however.

Traits and Flaws
I'll allow one flaw, unless it's Murky Eyed, Unreactive or Inattentive. I have no problem with melee specialists taking Shaky or ranged specialists taking Non-combatant, in fact I encourage it.

I'll allow one trait which must be role-played.

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