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This game is going to take place in an alternate prime world where Good and Evil alignments are just different ways at looking at things. The true power of Evil is contained in the power of Taint.

Geographically, the campaign will start in the Barony of Dunhaven, which was the Barony of Westgate. When the Barony changed hands recently, Baron Wells changed the ruling seat to his town of Dunhaven which is located directly against the Dreadwood. Regional feats have been provided in the forum and you can research Keoland in order to add spice to your background.

I will be using bits and pieces of Unearthed Arcana and other sources as I see fit; but as players, you will be restricted to the core books of PHB, DMG, MM and the alternate races and classes in the SRD. The reasoning behind this is that as you evolve and the game unfolds, more and more 'source code' will be made available. An example of this would be a prestige class that is centered on a specific organization such as a Temple Raider of Olidamarra. You cannot automatically enter that class without first having been approached and/or invited by that organization. In a similar light, certain feats and spells will be made available as the players encounter NPCs or lost lore that offer them.

Taint is the deciding factor on what is considered truly Evil, therefore certain spells and powers are altered to encompass this principle.

So, this talk of Taint and the Good/Evil alignments probably have you questioning if I have restrictions on alignment within the party itself. The answer is No. I will create a thread that has information on Taint as well as the different alignments so you can see what being Good or Evil will mean to you. An example of this might be a Chaotic Evil player. Sure he believes in personal freedom and lack of oppression and all that; but being Evil, he could really care less about anyone else's freedom but his. Is a paladin of Good going to hate him? Well probably, he is a prick; but that does not mean they have to be enemies. The paladin is more concerned with the insipid influence of the Taint that radiates from beings and powers of true Evil, not mortal outlooks and behavior.

I arranged things this way because I want to get away from people not being able to be a self destructive jerk because someone else in their 'band' had high moral fiber. I also dislike the power of the Paladin in core 3.5 rules, so this gives them a VERY valuable power against the Taint, which will benefit everyone. The thread on Taint will have specifics on items and powers that influence Taint as well as those specific changes to certain classes and abilities to incorporate Taint.

Now for all of those questions that always seem to come up...
Stats: 6m4d6v1 rolled in the Rolls thread.
HPs: Max at 1st level, roll from there on.
Starting Level: *Ding Ding* 2nd level
This is because I will be posting a segment on your party's first adventure in which you did indeed gain a level.
I do this because I don't want to spend weeks waiting for someone to come up with a background that explains how they got to their high level and make up relationships on the fly. This way you can concentrate your background on a little of how you got started in your chosen class and then a little more on your imagined take on what happened to your character in that adventure.
Speaking of which...
Background: I would like a simple paragraph or two on how you got started in your class and then another on what happened to you on your 'first' adventure. You have creative freedom here; but let's keep it somewhat realistic shall we.

The plan is that after each adventure, Event or after every few weeks of IC time, you will update your background to include more juicy details on what has happened to you and what you have learned.

Deities: Standard Greyhawkian, although you might be able to convince me of one of those expanded Greyhawk Gods if it means so much to you.

Let's see, what else...
Oh yes, I will blatantly ignore any requests for extra sources and questions about approved books as those are indeed listed and would mean you didn't bother to read all the stuff I labored so hard to provide for you.

I will also hold it against you if you post an 'interest' as a placeholder or with some silly crap about your build and what you have it planned to go into later.

This will be a role-playing game as well as roll-playing, so let's just pretend that you don't have your character's entire destiny planned out in advance shall we?

That being said, if you want to be a 2 HD blob of goo that crawls along with the other players as comedy relief, knock yourself out. If you want to be a familiar of another player's arcanist, work it out and submit it. You want to be a Zombie? Go for it.

Ah, starting wealth: 1000 gp

If I think of anything else I will add to this as well as links to those threads I mentioned...

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