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Estimated Members Requested: 5

Game Concept: Franko is pissed. and as everyone knows when Franko is mad, blood is sure to follow. But this time, he overstepped his bounds, and when he puts a bounty out on the nephew of the Lord of Umbar, he quickly finds himself outmatched, both in Political, and Military might.

Now, to win a defining a war, he hopes to hire a troop of adventurers to bring him some items and people in order to better defend his home, or, better yet, take the fight to the enemy.

Riches to be won, and favour granted.

Game Rules: Not too complicated. Characters start at lvl 10. Standard Gold for that level, spend it as you see fit. I have most of the books, so if you tell me where to find something, it will most likely be allowed (Book and PAGE please.) SRD is also allowed. Home Brew will be on a case by case basis.

I tend to play loose and fast with rules in my games, concept being much more important then numbers. However, be aware, the group I have gamed with for years have a few "power gamers" and if I think someone is just trying to have an over-powered PC, it wont get picked.

That said, a solid backstory is usually how i decide what is "overpowered" (ie- if you have a good reason to have X feat,s, or to have taken Y template, I would rather the good story.)

All classes are open, however, ones requiring someone to be Lawful might be hard to play in this setting. Traditional Paladin might be impossible, but im willing to let people try.

As the game takes place on a Prime of my own invention, all settings are available to be drawn from. (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, or Dragonlance at least, as I have those books)

Most importantly, if you want something weird, non-standard, or that you think might be declined?, ASK. I will do my best to work something out.

I'll be taking applications over the next week, and deciding on tuesday.


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