Anima: Rewritting the Lost

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  • Created Oct 17 '10
  • Last Post Apr 5 '11 at 11:40pm
  • Status Complete
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Game Description

Everything Core and GM booklet is allowed. All other material will be on a case by case biases but unless it will cause problems I more then likely will agree. pure races are allowed.
As I have a tendency to be heavy handed you start with 100XP (basing your level accordingly)
I will be using the +1 CP every even level rule "Unrestricted creation Points".
ML and MK may be bought at 1:1 in increments of 5 with a max of 10%
60 point buy, I am removing the limitation of nothing past 10; everything over 9 cost 2. Slandered ruling in terms of inhuman stats; if you don't have inhuman/zen you cant have said stat.
Full Races and their human counterparts are allowed (with the ones that give a lvl adjustment remember I gave you an XP to start with not a lvl)
Any Disadvantages (chosen or otherwise) will be used an implemented to help balance the powers that the character has.
I do ask that pure summoners are avoided as that requires a bit more gm work and may be..interesting in some of the plots.

Do you follow the call?Dreams of another world not your own.
Dreams of traveling through a forest with dark creatures.
Dreams of Darkness spreading and be then be destroyed by the light to disappear and the darkness to return as if the light was never there.

An urge to travel to see a forest; to travel deeply into the nearest forest and discover what is there. The Feeling is as if something is missing an d you can help feel the void. The feeling grows strong the longer you try to ignore it until finally you realize that you are going in that direction every time you walk if you are not careful.

Do you allow your self to be drawn into the forest? into the darkness?

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