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Mirai aka Near Future City is located in the Pacific Ocean, on a large island developed in the location of the former Midway Atoll. No longer a US territory, Mirai is a self contained City State with a population of over two million. Initially created as an experiment starting in the late 80s, it has become the world's center for the advancement of science. It is said Mirai is about 50 years ahead of the rest of the world.

Because of its status as The Center of Academia, about 80% of the population are students, and a good amount of those who are not are still otherwise engaged in teaching, study and research. It has also been found that those who possess Paranormal Abilities tend to flock to Mirai, as no where else on the planet has better facilities for the research and training of such abilities.

This game is an anime themed based on Toaru Majutsu no Index/Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and Shakugan no Shana (and maybe some others). In this world, Espers and Magic co-exist, though not harmoniously. Mirai is easily accessible by the Crimson Realm, or Guze. And occassionally demonlike beings called Tomogara are able to cross over and wreak havok. As a result, those from the Magic path tend to see Mirai as a nexus of power as well.

There are different kind of characters of power. The most common are Espers, those with paranormal powers. They comprise a small portion of Mirai's population as they are rare. But they are more common than magical weilders. Playable characters include.

Espers - people born with super powers. Each Esper has a power rank (0-5, one rank every two levels), and their power sets have a theme to them. Some may weild fire, electricity, cold. Some may be able to teleport, or use telekenesis. Espers generally don't have grab-bags of power so its best to stick to a concept. No anatomical seperation, and I reserve the right to veto powers I might consider game breaking.

Flame Haze - are agents given power from a pact made with a Guze no Ou, or Crimson Lord. Crimson Lords are effectively Gods, who manifest in a limited way through some token or object that the Flame Haze carries with him or her. Like Mages, Flame Hazes can learn to weild magic.

Mages - those who practice the mystical arts. They are often in the service of a mystical or religious body.

Mystes - A torch is someone who's life force has been extinguished by strong magic such as that weilded by a Tomogara. When there is a little essence, left it can be reformed (usually by a Flame Haze) into shadow of their former self. This shadow fades over time, but adds a buffer making it psychologically easier to accept their passing. However, sometimes a Torch manifests with a Treasure Tool called a Hougou. This tool extends their existence, and such a Torch is called a Mystes. So effectively, they are a dead person walking. Like Flame Hazes and Mages, they can learn to weild magic. Former espers completely lose their psychic abilities as Magic and Psychic powers do not combine well.

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