The Sunless Citadel

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Centuries ago an army of angels and good folk defeated
the forces of darkness and disorder, blowing aprt their
fortress-mountain of Slaughrergarde and casting it back
into the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. Another demonic
invasion of the world had been halted, another dam raised
against the ride of evil.
But a few fragments of Slaughtergnrde never made it
back to the Abyss; they were in stead embedded in the
fabric of the Material Plane. Now the demon invasion is
beyond the memory of most elves, but those fragments of
Slaughtergarde still linger. The shattered gates that once
connected Slaughrergard to the Abyss remain a threat to
the Material Plane.
will the people be able to prevent a new invasion of slavering demons formented by those with wicked
ambitions? Might they destroy the gates once and for all?
Or might they use the power of Slaughrergarde to further
their own ends?

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