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  • Created Oct 28 '10
  • Last Post Jan 22 '11 at 11:00am
  • Status Complete
  • System Savage Worlds

Game Description

Since the beginning of history, Elundral has served as the pinnacle land-mass within the world. Despite numerous minor islands, bordering regions, the sole pangia-like continent is host to the majority of the global populace. Hosting realms reaching from the highest mountains, the murkiest of swamps, the most desolate deserts and the most majestic highlands throughout it's span.

Shortly after regions begun to establish their rule and territorial claims, two super powers had rose from the conflicts of feifdom. The human lordship of Arcturion claims dominion over the northern half of Elundral while the royal families of the dwarves have created a mountain stronghold within the southern regions, extending the dominion of Oreddon throughout the entire half of the continent. In the beginning, the two nations clashes intensively over power, land, and most importantly, resources.

The end result after numerous lives and cities were claimed by warfare, was an inevitable cease and desist. In a tentative peace, the two nations continued to flourish and grow. Eventually, they outgrew their confines and now suffer the price for their wanton expansion. In the middle regions of Elundral, a new faction of Orcs has taken root within the sparse desert oasis. However, they have expanded slowly with little apprehension or hostility towards the other two nations. The Golden Hammer as the faction is often refered to as, has become a conglomerate of immense size. They serve as a neutral party amongst the two nations, ferrying adventurers throughout the realm, as well as supplying the greatest bazaars in the entire continent of Elundral.

Lately, the Golden Hammer has been hiring new adventurers to fill out their mercenary guilds. As a result, numerous bands of small time vagabonds and skirmishers alike have taken up residence within one of the neutral cities. More often than not, these bands go out in search of treasure amongst the Shattered Isles, take down local bandits or perform under-the-table tasks for one of the two kingdoms in their efforts to maintain and obtain power within the regions.

Time went by, and adventurers had sailed all throughout the realm, discovering little more than fragmented islands as they circled the globe only to wind up on the other side of Elundral. Resources grew sparse, skirmishes occassionally sparked throughout the realm as the two Kingdoms suffered their bouts of poverty, minor rebellions and sieges as a result of numerous conflicts.

Little less than a year ago, adventurers had set out to travel across the globe to the other side of the Elundral by way of boat. Much to their surprise, and the Golden Hammers desire to capitalize on the situation, the adventurers had ran into an vast mass of land. Upon searching briefly along it's coasts, the adventurers returned with overwhelming news. This new land nearly doubled the size of Elundral, but even more stunning was the wild, vast and infinately resource rich domain that had never been discovered by pioneers before. Upon such a discovery, the Golden Hammer quickly took up business by ferrying adventurers, signing up mercenary bands and providing numerous adventurers with the means to make a new life or find their glory in this new world.

The two kingdoms had also set their sights towards this new continent that mysteriously appeared despite having been undiscovered for centuries. As a result, they quickly took action to colonize their own territories in the new continent named Selpharia. Selpharia was vast, beautiful, and rich with more fortune and opportunity than any place that Elundral could ever provide. As a result, the kingdoms have incurred numerous skirmishes from the mercenaries, brigands, and conquerers of these lands. In light of such competition, they have begun to hire out mercenaries themselves to assist with forceful colonization.

During such efforts, the adventurers have uncovered ancient ruins, artifacts of aeons past, and dangers beyond their comprehension. Amongst such hostilities was a native race of Elves. While elves existed in Elundral prior to this continents existance, they were little more than commoners. Most elves served as slaves for powerful lords, thieves or many other factions. Elves are looked down upon, shamed, and meager to say the least. And yet, in the new world of Selpharia, it appears that their culture has deeply entrenched itself with the land, giving them rightful claim to their territory.

Nevertheless, adventurers press onward for glory and conquest. It is time to join your place in the legends of history.

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