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Ad closes: Nov 14th.
Estimated Members: 5

The campaign will be taking place in the world of Gallvoar. Gallvoar is a large world, about 1.5 times the size of earth. Gallvoar was the long ago the birthplace of gods. As gods were born, and life came into existance, Planes started to converge. Their convergance was what quieted the rage of the planet, as many a battle between dieties and demi-gods. Soon life became abundant enough that the gods could no longer remain on the planet surface without causing catastrophic disasters, so they fled to the planes. From there, a sort of equilibreum was achieved, and the world has gone on living...

Character Creation
- level 4
- LA of 0. If race you want has a higher LA, run it by me, And I might allow it with nerfing to make it LA 0.
- 32 point buy
- no Evil allignments. If required to be evil by class, awing it by me, and I'll see what I cando.
- Max HP all lvls. (you will need all the HP you can get.)
- 1 Trait/Flaw, though must fit with character. I have final say.
- 5400 GP, 1/2 max/item. If it is more than half run it by me, I may allow it.
- Don't buy any Planar equiptment, as you will be given some at the appropriate time.
- I have most books, so run by me the books and page numbers, I'll review and mke judgement from there. If I don't have/ Can't obtain it, it's a no.
So all complete's, BoED, and Both Tombs are ok. certain stuff in BoED you still need to ok with me though.
- Variant races are allowed, but run them by me with your build. Anything outside standard races is to be run by me.
- Any other questions, you ask me.

NOTE: I'm DMPCing the sixth. It's a fire elf mod Fighter(skills are mod), so just to let you know.

Applications are to be peer edited. This is easier on me, and I find it fun to watched. One pointed out mistake usualy means 1 point. The One with the most points at the end of the App period will be awarded a special prize(In game). Please make a new thread for your App.

Otherwise, have fun. Make sure to read my post in the application thread.

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