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The Inquisition. Not an Order one can simply join but an achievement all striving to achieve. Becoming an Inquisitor is the highest honour any common man or woman can achieve in their lifetime. The resources of the Order are vast, but the organization is careful never to put too many of these resources into the hands of one person, however trustworthy that person may seem to be. Though all Inquisitor recruits worship their Deity honorably, it is ultimately Helm the Guardian that the Inquisition serves. The Order of the Silver Hand keeps the balance where good and evil constantly try and tip the scale. The power and purity of the inquisitor is difficult to maintain, and those who fall from its demanding standards often end yup becoming some of evil's most powerful and dedicated servants.

It has been four weeks since you were first recruited from your respectful church's into the Order of the Silver Hand's ranks. Constant testing, constant trial's. You have been quizzed, starved, sleep deprived and attacked on a daily basis. Though you have prevailed, there is one final test...

Over thirty potential recruits began the initiation. Only twelve remain.

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