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War and strife constantly lay waste to the surface of the world. Armies clash and power grows and wanes over millennium. This is not about the surface, this is about what happens in the depths of the world's seas and oceans, rivers and streams.

Those who have made their lives from the sea or live in the sea itself are ready for grand adventure...

Correct. This is an aquatic campaign. That means if you don't live there you'd better have good magic to protect you or strong lungs. Not all of the adventures will be under water, so the aquatic races won't have it completely easy.

Starting Level: 2nd (Because that gives you some grit to keep you going as well as being low enough to let you develop your character.

Allowed Sources:
Core books, including SRD/UA stuff (best to run it by me though).
Complete books.
Yes, the SRD does in fact have Psionics listed. I need something to be able to use Intellect Devourers and such on after all.

Is it in one of the books allowed above? Well there you are then.
LA? Well you probably need a class to call your own and you are only 2nd, so that leaves one level so let's say +1 with no buyoff.

Let's say you have been unusually successful and didn't squander all of your gold. 900 gold.

Pantheon: Greyhawk (included the expanded list in whatever complete book it was. Stormwrack Gods as well.

I am going to take apps until the 19th of November. That would be a friday and then hopefully I will have my goodies in place and be able to start this off over the weekend.

What am I looking for in characters and players?
Be interesting. I don't mean a very long bio that leaves me asking who you are. You can be short or long, as long as you make me want to see your character evolve and I think it will contribute to the game.

I would like this to be a fast-paced game, so I am looking for those players that have a pretty healthy post rate. I understand lulls as there are weekends when I am barely available; but I want to get this cruising through the waves and so your posting rate may be a factor.

I am keeping the group size down to 4 this time around as I don't want to have to wait for 6 or 7 people to post each round before we can move forward.

Here is the mouth watering goodness you never thought you would see....

Oh wait, I forgot something. Drop the lowest dice.
BUT....drum roll please...you take them in order (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha)

Feeling froggy? Post an App without rolling for your stats. Then if I accept you, you roll and plug them in. Do you have faith in the dice Gods? Do you require certain rolls to be able to play a class?
I may let you swap a stat for another if it is absolutely crippling to your character, like a cleric who gets a 4 wisdom and so forth. Notice the MAY.

I will create threads for apps and some world background as well as those Greyhawk regional feats you all love in my other game. So stay tuned...

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