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Rival High

As you rush around the corner you see the school gates closing, the chimes of the bell spelling your demise. Toast hanging from your mouth, you mumble a silent curse before veering off towards the parking lot to avoid being spotted by the red and black 'armbands'. Tossing your pack in the air, fabric flutters as you discard your stuff uniform for your true attire. The ground warps as you chant your spell and stone hands propell you over the wall. The fountain splashes up to cushion your landing as you rush forwards. The armbands stand before you to block your way but before you can stop a blast of energy brightens the morning sky. As the turbines spin down your classmate hops out of his power armor, it folding away into his backpack as you continue onward. An open window provides you entrance as another friend ducks your leap. The Uniform swap takes but a moment as you dash out of the bathroom towards the stairs. The final bell chimes as you arrive at the classes door and slam head first into a wall of teacher. Looking up with terror you and your ally see your reflections in Sensei's glasses. Your worst dreams have come to life... Detention!

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