Tivartal and the Secrets in the Snow

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Nearly 1,000 years have passed since the establishment of the Kingdom of Galifar on the continent of Khorvaire. It is the greatest achievement in the history of humankind. Preceding the humans were the Goblins, whose monuments still stand today as a testament to their might and former glory. Before the Goblins could do more than throw rocks at each other, Eberron was the province of the Giants, and the demons before them. But even before the Age of Demons, there existed a civilization so ancient, so opulent, and so advanced that the world has not seen its like since; it was the Age of Dragons.

That's what the historians would have you believe, anyway.

As the wounds of the last war begin to heal in Khorvaire, the eyes of man turn in all directions. Most look to Xen'drik, a continent of adventure and hidden secrets, where a man can make his life's fortune in a day if he can manage to survive it. Of those interested in this tropical paradise are Morgrave University, and the Wayfinder Foundation among others. Our contract is with the latter. However, no white sand beaches are on your horizon. In fact, whether there's land at all where you're going is something of an open question; no one's dug that far beneath the snow. The Wayfinders have sent you to the Frostfell, on an expedition deeper into the frozen tundra than any have ever dared to go.

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