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At the height of the War of the Lance, the dragonarmies besieged the High Clerist’s Tower near the city of Palanthus, where the knighthood had entrenched itself. After a long wait, a large force of seasoned knights, led by crazed Lord Derek Crownguard, stormed forth from the Tower. However, Dragon Highlord Kitiara had planned for this, and the dragonarmy crushed the battalion. Convinced that this spelled the end of the knights, Kitiara’s army advanced on the High Clerist’s Tower. Only Sturm Brightblade and his force of untested knights held Vingaard Pass against the dragonarmies, while an elven princess and her discovery of a dragon orb stood between the dragonarmies and their rape of Palanthas. Sturm Brightblade sacrificed his life in order to buy time for the remaining knights and Princess Laurana, precious time needed to master the powers of the orb. His death purchased that time, and more importantly, caught the hearts of the people throughout Krynn. It paved the way for a restructuring of the Orders of the Knights of Solamnia. The knights realized that they had been living according to ancient rules that no longer held any meaning, to a Measure that could neither contain nor prescribe the honor of a true knight. It took Brightblade’s death, as well as the inglorious and foolish assault of Derek Crownguard, to make the knighthood realize that its priorities lay scattered. After the War of the Lance, the knighthood honored Sturm Brightblade’s bravery and dedication to the orders of the knighthood. The knights laid his body in state in the Chamber of Paladine, the burial chambers beneath the High Clerist’s Tower. Here, with his armor and sword arrayed about him in honor, he lay peacefully and undisturbed by those who came for inspiration. His tale has been told and re-told, his bravery and integrity against the corruption of the old, stagnant knighthood seeming to grow with each re-telling. And with each telling, the reforms sweeping the orders gain even more momentum. Most support the changes, but there are some who work long and hard to make sure the old ways continue to favor them. It appears that these opponents of change will stop at nothing to make sure that their positions remain unharmed.

Small Game, with a few players.

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