Earth 2020, Rift War

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In 2010, the earth had utilized most of it's resources. Barely keeping itself alive and it's people fed its scientists looked to other avenues of sustaining a planets population. Heavy research into interplanar gateways was begun.

Man should learn not to toy with that which he does not understand.

The portals worked. However the occupants on the other side were not as docile as man had imagined. Demons burst forth from the portals, great mages stormed forward presenting earth shattering powers. The world, already highly under stress, couldn't handle anymore. Great rifts seperated continents, land masses shifted, water plunged in land, the atmoshphere changed, electronics suddenly ceased working, nothing mechanical moved in the slightest. No mechanic, no engineer could get things moving or working.... Nothing worked.

Then came the stigma. Billions died... Perhaps due to the changes in the atmosphere, perhaps due to the illnesses brought through from the rifts... However almost no one survived. There are now little more than 30 million people alive. However, the population has been replaced by other residents...Curious individuals from the rifts.

Forms of government banded together to shut the portals... They formed groups called "The Resistance". The resistance fought whole heatedly against the rift portals and streams of individuals spewing from it. Eventually, all portals were closed.

However, now earth consists of 50% humans and 50%....Something else. Elves, dwarves, gnomes....Things right out of fairy tales. While some humans accepted the new inhabitants, welcoming them to earth, others -part of the resistance, despise them. One things for sure...If you travel with an other worlder...You may be inviting more trouble than it's worth. If you are an other worlder...You best prepare to defend yourself.

Now, a small group of other worlders and humans has banded together. The Peoples Movement. This group seeks to right what was done, to return everyone to their rightful homes and to discover who was the cause for the horrors that have taken place on earth.

So...Are you human? Other worlder? Something in between?

Are you members of the resistance or members of the Peoples Movement?

The Adventure begins here.

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