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The pinacles of Minions:

Minions will have open recruitment: Anyone can play, everyones accepted.

Sources are restricted and must be unlocked: All characters start with having access to the Monster Manual I and one other selected sourcebook, but can unlock any other book as they gain reputation.

The minions will battle eachother 1 on 1 to the death. Dead minions are dead. You can ressurect them with 1000 gold and a level loss, or simply find a new minion to fight for you. All equipment on dead minions go to the victor!

Each win grants XP, gold, rank, and possibly followers: Level your minions, or steal thier XP to create a new minion or unlock new sources. Advance in rank and renown, with each rank the minions become more powerful.

Quest your Minions! Send them on quests to test thier skills and gain gold, renown, and powerful equipment.

Level your minions or reincarnate them to something spectacular: Tired of the 3rd level goblin? Reincarnate him at will to any other creature that has the same ECL for a price.

Nobles Will Post Thier Own Challenges and Negotiate thier own Terms: Use the challenges area to post a challenge and wait for takers. Just remember to clean up after yourself.

Followers: As you gain in reknown, watch as the flood of followers come streaming in. Lesser beings throwing thiers lives at your feet out of the chance to bring you glory.

How To Start:

Step 1: Design Your Noble:
- Select a Race, Class, Name And Background.
- Select a Commander Aura. Once Chosen your aura cannot be changed.

- Select a starting source book that you can choose classes / feats from (All except mags and homebrew. Spell and MIC are not allowed as free source but can be bought later)
- Select a Follower monster (Cr 1/2 textbook monster)
- Roll starting Weath (Based on Commander Aura)
- Put it all in your application

Step 2: Design Your Minion:
- Select whether your minion is going to be a race (ECL 1) or a monster (Cr 1/2)

Step 3: Equip Your Minion:
- Purchase any equipment from your sourcebooks for your minions using your starting wealth.
- Keep in mind you should save money for ressurection and know that if you lose, your items go to the victor.

Step 4: Take on Hirelings:
- Hire any hirelings to help you on your way.

Step 5: Have Fun:
- Undertake minion quests
- Challenge other nobles
- Accept the Arch Duke's challenges


Other Minion Specifics

Minions FAQ

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