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  • Created Nov 15 '10
  • Last Post Apr 11 '12 at 9:52am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

"It is the dawn of a new age. A decade ago, the world as we knew it ended. An event known nowadays as 'The Vanishing' destroyed the barriers of reality, dropping all kinds of beings, technologies and phenomena on Earth's lap, altering it forever.

The world has been divided between that which is real and that which is Fiction.

This is an Era of Badass. To be alive in such times is a constant test on your mental, ethical and physical resilience. It is a constant fight to adapt and prevail-or die trying. It is to live on the strangest and most brutal of crossovers-an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, the final victor still undetermined.

The following tales occur on those times.

Forget anything you knew about rationality, for now the 'Rule of Cool' prevails. Embrace the power of the Tropes, for they now mold your destiny. Leave your sanity at the door, for in the near future, there is only chaos. There is no longer a safe place, only a multiverse slowly going mad and one timeline-the Core Timeline-which is almost too far gone.

We bid you welcome."


"It was the Fifth of November, 10 years ago, when it happened. It started with the World-Wide Web and every computer device connected to it infected with a most insidious virus, called CLULESS. It was an unstoppable contraption, self-evolving, and three steps ahead of every attempt to erase it.

It then went active, bending reality backwards-and keeping it bent for 23 hours.

We call the event as a whole 'The Vanishing'. It started with the disappearance of 90% of Earth's population, without a trace.

It that had been the only thing to occur... well, regardless of the fact that it's the apocalypse, it would have gone better for us.

It did not.

CLULESS' second step was to being forth the Fictions.

Ever hear of "breaking the fourth wall"? Well, having the thing literally happen IN EVERYONE'S DAMM FACE really throws us off, more so when some of us realized that it was our own literary and animated fiction that basically broke the seven seals....

Yeah, you head me. Everything we have ever created-ever drawn, wrote, played-came to life. And then it trampled all over us.

The 23 hours ending... the rest of humanity reappearing... didn't changed things a lot.

Becuase they were brainwashed or something, and got all buddy-buddy with the Fictions. And took us all for fools.

So here we are, on the dawn of a new era. Cleanup will take... a while. Lines are (rather poorly) drawn.

The 23 Hours of Madness were our first contact. And now some think it is Reality's last stand.

The CORE timeLINE. 'Coreline'. It is how people call Earth now on the streets.

Welcome to it."




So, sure, it is 'D20 Modern Post-Apocalyptic Setting 23,000+' or something in Myth Weavers (and if I reached some milestone, then, well, I'm proud to have done so). But I'd like to think that this setting is not much like the others.

As for the flavor as a whole: Think 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', only modernized, R-rated, with a lot more than Toons, and with the parts of the world just outside of the major cities (and Toontown) looking like pretty much every post-apocalyptic movie known to man.


I'm looking for players (4-5).

+Starting Level: 10.
+32-Point Buy for attributes.
+Maximum HP and Action Points.

Available Books:

D20 Modern Corebook, D20 Future, D20 Future Gear, D20 Apocalypse, D20 Past, Urban Arcana.

Apps should include:

Physical Appearance: If possible, please provide a picture.
Profession: (how do/did you get dough/scratch/moola/dinero/etc)
Background: Please be as extensive as possible on this area.

I would like to try to run an adventure that happens during the Vanishing (the very apocalypse) and its immediate aftermath for at least one group. For anybody else interested... a game happening 10 years after The Vanishing, and in the middle of the still-settling chaos that is now reality.

Adventures during the Vanishing would be human-only (for now). Adventures after the Vanishing would give the players other races to choose from. I would accept (on a case-by-case basis) races that the player creates himself or races with an LA.

HOUSERULES: I like to Roleplay-not-Rollplay, so I'll be quick and easy with the rules and run on Rule of Cool.
For starters: All characters in this setting have the ability to Shoot on the Run because of experience during gunfights or seeing them on TV, so consider the Feat non-existent (read: always on) and waived if it's a pre-requisite for another Feat.

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