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unsatisfied with hybrids?
then we have a game for you

full-hybrid character creation system
pick 2 classes
take the better of the two's hit points, and healing surges
take the better of the defense bonuses combined (Ex. class A gets +1 fort and +1 ref, class B gets +2 fort; you get +2 fort and +1 ref)
get the class features of both classes
pick powers from the combined list of the two classes powers (you still get the same number of powers but from an expanded list)
also pick an additional at-will from one of the classes (you must have an At-Will from both classes)
also psionics get normal power points if you choose two psionic classes or if you choose 1 psionic class you can choose to go up a level of the power point progression or an encounter power
for paragon classes you choose two you qualify for and get the features of each, at each level you pick which one you take the power from. (note you may not take 2 paragon classes for the same class)

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