Mongoose Traveller : Smuggling in the Hinterlands

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  • Created Nov 27 '10
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Game Description

You finished your run into Uumanur 4 days ago. Your business was concluded, but not very satisfactorily. You got paid, but the margins were poor. Worse, there is no reasonable cargo to be had and you had been planning to make a deadhead run to Serala Na just on the hope you could pick up another cargo.

A man, named Arvael, approached you with proposal. He had 3 tubes of nanite gel to sell. He had been planning to deliver it to Gashuumi, but personal business called him back toward the Imperium. He needed to unload the cargo since the Imperium would probably confiscate it. His original business profile indicated the buyer would pay 30,000 per tube delivered. He was willing to unload it to you for 3,000 per tube. A ten-fold margin is nothing to pass up. The catch, as they say, is that Gashuumi had recently suffered a revolution. The atmosphere of Gashuumi is so thin, most of the population is confined. The new government has used that effectively to begin severely curtail civilian rights. As a consequence the demand for offworld tech has risen.

The client is Harkaver Aquatic Industries though they would probably deny it. The planetary conditions inflict frequent, low grade injuries on their workers. HAI needs the nanite gel to for recovery and healing. Arvael figured the company would be getting desperate for resupply by now. Arvael had been planning to work through a middle man named Estev Farent. Farent works as part of Letevian Transport managing their freight off planet.

After paying Arvael, he hands you a heavy courier case. Checking the goods, you see 3 metal tubes. Each tube is about 45 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter. They are sealed and unlabelled. Arvael cautions you that the nanites will not remain viable if the seals are broken outside of a laboratory. Hefting the courier case, you head back to your ship to learn more about HAI, Gashuumi, and Letevian Transport.

Game Master(s) galenbd, please call me Galen. I'm relatively new to being a GM, but I've been on the Weave for a while. If you don't understand something, please ask.

Game Explanation This game will be a small crew in a Far Trader attempting to make a living smuggling contraband in the Hinterlands. The year will be 1105.

I will be using Mongoose Traveller. I only have access to the core rulebook. That being said, I am not going to outlaw any other material from any other sorurcebook, Mongoose Traveller or not. GURPS Ultratech probably has some stuff that would reasonably transfer to Traveller. Eclipse Phase and Shadowrun could also have some crossover. That being said, I'll evaluate each crossover idea seperately. If I don't have the sourcebook, it is the players responsibility to answer my questions sufficiently for me to decide how it fits.

The character generation will be a little unusual. I am not a fan of character generation by dice roll. It always seems some players roll high and others roll low and the players ability is skewed as a result. I do like the career mechanism that Traveller has and always had. Point buy will be used for Characteristics. Please read the Character Creation heading carefully

Application Process
I'm putting this together at the request of Weishan. So he'll be getting in. After that, I'll be accepting at most 3 other players. I've currently got more interested players than spaces for this game. Welcome to the Weave.

Character Creation
You will use a 15 point buy for Characteristics only. The table I'm using is on page 40. Once your Characteristics are generated, go through the Character Generation process normally. I'd like to limit the everyone to 3 terms at most.
All alien races are available. I will be looking for characters that will work with each other. Sociopaths need not apply.
I don't care what homeworld you use. You just need to work out how you end up in the Old Expanses. This crew will be formed on Nash (2911) before heading into Ral Ranta.

Then submit the following:
[Character Name]
[Career Generation] There will be a lot of die rolls here. Please use the spoiler tag for this segment at least.
[Background] - This needs to fill out your character's experiences from his or her homeworld, time in various careers and how possessions were acquired.

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