A Romance of Three Kingdoms

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It is the year 184 AD.
The once proud Han dynasty, that for the past 400 years has stood tall and strong, has finally whithered. The emperor, an impotent, weak-willed failure of a man, has succombed more and more to the influence of his eunuchs.
These 10 eunuchs effectively control the empire and have more or less ran it into the ground.
Harsh tax increases, along with an abnormal amount of natural disasters, has caused unrest among the common people, the likes of which has never before been felt in China. Unhappy with the ruling classes, bands of peasants, simple folk, have formed to strike back against the government.
Led by Zhang Jue, follower of the Way of Peace, and his brothers Bao and Liang, the Yellow Turban Army is born. It was the greatest peasant rebellion in the history of the empire, and with it, an age of chaos has fallen upon the land.

Motivated by the desire to prove themselves, many lords under the command of He Jin contribute troops and manpower, seeking to crush the Turbans and claim glory.
There are many men who will prove themselves in the coming war, men who will set the scene for the chaos to come, men who will shape the known world, men who will light the land ablaze in their petty squabbles, and men who will give their lives to see their dreams fulfilled.

You find yourself in the service of one such man, the esteemed Liu Bei. You are a member of his volunteer army and, for whatever reason, are marching into battle against those who would seek to topple the Han dynasty.

This is an age of heroes, an age of opportunity where many valiant souls rise out of the chaos to return China to its peaceful state. There are also those who thrive in the destruction wrought by war, and seek to rise on the bones of their fellow man.

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