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A fast pace game tailor made to suit any avid gamer fond of plot, main, sub, romantic, convoluted, you name it! The game starts in the charming city of Vale, A moderately large trading village in the center of the nation Khalia.

The Island Nation Khallia, home to many races and members of multiple guilds and castes. This land has a simple layout, The Northern Desert, The Western mountains, The Eastern Forests and The Southern Gulf Are the four main Landmarks, The Countries surround Khallia. Winterforge to the North, A large channel of water blocking the way. Darkroost north-west, with a Black citidel housing many a mystery no man has lived to tell. And South East, The Warrior Land of Faust, led by their ruthless leader Kaine.
In Years past Khallia and Faust have been butting heads politically, many small battles and invasions have taken place but all minor, all ended. In Recent Years, The Tension is rising, political and military Hatred burns through both Kaine and Herrel, the King of Khalia. But with the sealing of a pact of Peace, the nation of Khallia has been assured they are in no harm.
Recently though the King has become dormant and stoic, not taking his afternoon confrence and spending days locked in his room at a time.

The Guilds
The Arcane Eye- Mages guild, most pronounced guild in Khallia and Hardest to get into.
Thieves Guild- A secretive group of thieves and the only place to fence stolen equiptment.
Warsong Guild- Guild of Fighters, band of mercenaries.
High Religeous Temple- Highest Religeous Conglamerate in the Nation
+The Guilded Five- Honorbound group of Five warriors, held to High esteem, The Guild Masters of Each guild plus the Guild Orchestrator are here.
+The Guilded Five, have The Highest Ranking Member from each guild led by the Strongest warrior appointed by the king, The Thieves guild was never OFFICIALLY brought into the guild halls due to legality, but was accepted into the Guilded five.

Starting off
You will start off in the Town of Vale, Whether the Character's know each other (As multiple people may choose to live there before the story) Is up to you. But I want a reason for your character to be there, whether he lived there or not.
Vale is generally Isolated drom the rest of the worlds by a circular mountian that allows trade from only one town. So the P.Cs may have a reason for not understanding the polotics at first.

Motivation and Alignment
Your motivation in this game will tend to stem from feelings of Hatred and Revenge, and eventually No matter what alignment you are you may yourself get the feeling these men must be stopped. At times there will be a light horror or Grizzly dark element. But this will only be to enhance the feeling of revenge and hatred for your enemies.
I would prefer if your characters be Good or Good tending Neutral for the full effect.

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