A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits

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  • Created Dec 6 '10
  • Last Post Aug 21 '13 at 12:02am
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The StoryThere is a prophecy known only by a handful of sidereals. For the past thousand years and more, they spoke of it only to themselves and to their own reincarnations, commiting it to memory, but never to ink.

"The stars will conspire to bring the sun low
to usher in the blackness of night
where even the moon will fear show her face.
grey twilight fades to darkest night,
The blind will cry, a 'new day has come'
but no light will fill the sky

From the North, may a new glorious dawn come.
First, 5 rays of golden light, to test the blackest night.
The beams of glimmering hope may prosper
and bring light back to the sky
or they may fade
and all will mourn
for the sun will never rise."

The sidereals watch, with eyes filled with hope and fear. They alone know a new, more glorious dawn awaits. And they are frightened. They know that it is always darkest before Dawn.

Set in the frozen north, in the young but wealthy nation of Shanarinara.The nation-state consists of almost entirely mortals, many of whom are immigrants from across Creation looking to make it rich. Only a handful of dragon-blooded outcastes and lost eggs live within its borders. The populace does not follow the Immaculate Order, though they do revere the elemental dragons. The only experience they have of Solar Exalts is The Bull of the North, and as such, fear them. Will your circle prove the fear warranted, or untrue?

The flavor of the game is to start out small, but to eventually (and quickly) build an empire. To bring A new, Glorious Dawn to creation. After, of course, you deal with the darkness before dawn...

Timeline: The time of Tumult. The Scarlet Empress has disappeared without a trace, and the Solars are returning at an alarming rate. You are one of those Solars.

The game will start out small, with your actions affecting perhaps cities. From there, as your power grows, you will start to affect nations, cultures, and then Creation itself.

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