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  • Created Dec 13 '10
  • Last Post Jan 13 '11 at 10:45pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

1-3 more players would be appreciate, ST status is traded off each session/chapter

~ We cycle the ST position because it is supposed to be a hard job (with all the books in play and some of the burdens we are placing on the ST to get the game elements how we want them to feel), that none of the original makers of the game wanted to do long term. If you want to be permanent ST for this game tell us, and we will likely let you.((i will warn you it will be obnoxious though, which is our origional reason for cycling it.)) and no one else wants it, you may keep it...just check with the other players in the line up first. I will remain active gm though, until you assume responsibility for the game in terms of site rules. Such a player would be vastly appreciated and showered with praise.

~All players will be responsible for maintaining site rules, and should make sure they are familiar with them as if they were a gm, because at some point, they will be ST, which is a near equivalent position. If You fail to enforce the rules, or if you are the one breaking them, you will be forced to leave the game.

~I (AriaofRevelations) will likely remain as one of the gm's as far as myth weavers goes, so that i can except any responsibility for the game in regards to site rules, however it is the active Story teller is who determines where the plot goes, and other in game duties. I will not actively use the status unless i am ST, or someone is acting against site rules. I will be angry if you make me do it.

~I (AriaofRevelations) will also step in as ST if the current one refuses to act. If you intend to do this, please don't play. Taking time to think is acceptable, but at least maintain rolls and make sure the mechanics are working for players while you think of your plot. We don't want to wait on you.

~The game would be set in a modern time (or very near modern).

~All characters will begin human.

~The game would theoretically be a crossover where creatures from each book in the nWoD set are involved, but the setting is a generic city. Individual characters may be pulled off setting at a ST's discretion, but must be back in the city by the next person's turn to ST unless there is mutual consent.

~All of the nWoD books are in play. We know this is hard for a Storyteller. that is the main reason the position is cycled like it is. We know this makes it harder on everyone else...we find that acceptable.

~ If the story teller is unfamiliar with an element, posting may slow down while they research it. If this bothers you, you can either choose not to join, or help find a link to the needed information. If unfamiliarity with an element is the reason for a slow down, please do not criticize them, since it will probably be an element they themselves did not introduce.

~if you are ST, your character is not in play. You will be expected to have a reason for this to make it play smoothly.

~The Storyteller wold pick the antagonist forces to send at players according to his own designs for the chapter. They may be from any book he/she wishes, or none at all (provided they are balanced, reasonable, and integrate well into the setting set up by previous ST's. Follow the precedents of those before you so that everything flows together as much as possible.)

~ The players will all eventually/hopefully become one of the other races, based on circumstance, not choice (well, not their choice. It's the storyteller's call.) . over the course of the story a good number of diverse race types should be made available, from each of the other books.
[ie, john would start as a human, but meet a woman in a bar who feeds him vampire blood, etc. the player is not to complain, as it was the original intent of this game that it be played like this, and from the moment you signed up you knew it wouldn't be your call.]

~the actual story of the game is to be determined by all of the players, as their turn comes around. The things that are set up before the play are thus: the city we are playing in is imaginably similar in appearance to New york, and is named New York, and located in the same location. that said, any fictional elements created in game or back stories exist there, even if new york has no such element. The city includes both the richer, and the poorer parts of the city.

~Characters will Cover a standard day in their own lives solo at first, and don't all necessarily know each other (they can though, and that makes it easier for the ST to push them together). As supernatural events pick up, they will be fated to((i.e. Whoever the active ST is will be assigned to try as hard as is reasonable to make them:)) meet each other.

DO NOT USE PRIVATE BLOCKS! we will all laugh at you as we read them. Everyone is a gm here. A pm will ACTUALLY be private. ~thanks for reading all this.

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