Descent Into the Mists

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The Knights of the Raven; a holy order which as stood against the clinging darkness of the land since the mists have descended upon the lands. They are the last line of defense against the Dark Lords and legions of undead creatures which howl at the doors at night. Why the Dark Powers have left the fragile light upon the land burn for so long is a mystery.

Yet with the ascension of the dark lord Count Strahd von Zarovich through his blood pact he has set loose upon the world the vampire. An powerful, cunning predator who thirsts for the blood of the innocent. Now to stem the flow of blood in Ravenloft the Knights of the Raven have begun a full on war against the vampires. Though only months old the vampires are proving to be more than a match for the beacons of light within the darkness. Unless something is done soon the fragile light within the world of darkness will be extinguished forever within the lands of mists. Is it the will of the Dark Powers to leave the land in darkness or will the light cut through this darkness preserving what little good lays in the world?

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