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In short
Winter Moon shines bright
On waves of the blackest night
Whales come up to breathe

This is L5R 4th ed, an adventure for samurai to achieve grandeur, or die trying.
We are looking for 6 friendly, dedicated, team oriented players, with a good posting rate of at least a post per day. It is not to rush things, but to afford playing the details that make this world so rich, on the contrary.

Mastery of the rules is not required, but familiarity with Rokugan is asked. Access to the core book is a definitive plus, if only to build up your character. With highlights on the world (culture, etiquette, religion, bushido, and much more) maintained on the forum we will try to make the game as beginner friendly as it can be in such a rigid no-misstep setting. We will not betray it though.

Ad closes on Friday 18th. Announcements will be made on Monday 21st, with invites sent on the spot.

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