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You will be playing in a world that i have run a few smallish campaigns in, this world is a player driven world, your free to go where ever you want. In your travels you may come across existing PC's (now NPC's), some being sole survivors of their existing groups and others being full party's.

The inhabited world of Tuwa spans roughly 3000 miles from the boundless sea in the far west to the sleeping lands in the east. This Adventure beings on one of the larger islands in the north west of the world called Nezda in its self named capital city.

This world is relatively peaceful, there are always power struggles going on but there hasn't been a major was in century's. Untapped magic is rampant on this world so rampant that occasionally it tears a rift to another plan, the inhabitants of this world have learn to live with it and welcome the outsiders provided they arn't openly hostile.

Char Creation

This world is open to most things, Rifts to the other planes come and go and have been doing so for Millenia.
Most things will be allowed if you run them past me with the exception of Warforged & Psionics, I will be looking for believable characters not power gaming chars

Starting Level
Starting level is going to be level 1 but you get up to +2 level level adjustment free from your choice of races/templates
If you chose not to use this you get a free feat & +2 in any 2 stats

Starting gold/Equipment
∙ 200g
∙ race/class standard starting kit
∙ Small bag of holding (*cough* soul-bound *cough*)
∙ 1 year lease on a room in the Leviathan Tavern

Stat Generation
You get 3 rolls of 6m4d6v1r1, if you don't like any of the rolls proceed with a 32 point buy.

Things of Note
∙ New Magic items/weapons & feats are available and if you want to create an item that isnt in the 3.5 books all you need to do is talk it over with me and we can add it to the list
∙ There are 'Exceptional' weapons, these weapons are better than their Masterworked counterparts and give a +2 to hit bonus and retain this when enchanted.
∙ I may use a slightly different crit table, but it will probably be largely the same
∙ The rumor mill is generally accurate.
∙ I dont mind if you feel like destroying a town, but you will want to make sure it cant be traced back to you (or at the very least you can fight of all the city guards)

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