Fugue: Beginnings

Game Masters
Game Information
  • Created Feb 17 '11
  • Last Post May 11 '11 at 12:51am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description

Fugue: Beginnings
Genre: Survival Horror
System: GURPS
Prior Experience Required: None

Consuming darkness broken only by the sporadic, dim flickering of a damaged fluorescent light enshrouds you as you slowly open your eyes. A thick, stinging stench permeates the hazy air around you, making it slightly difficult to breathe, or is there something else wrong? A distant dull thump causes the walls and floor to rumble and vibrate for a moment. What was that? You suddenly become aware of an unbearable throbbing pain in your head. Where are you? This room does not look familiar overturned chairs, papers everywhere, a computer with a cracked monitor. As this moment of confusion slowly ends, it raises the curtain on a question far more terrifying who are you?

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