Trial of the Ultrabuddies

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  • Created Feb 19 '11
  • Last Post Apr 21 '11 at 12:25am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

In humanity's darkest hour, Dr. Ex Machina calls for the greatest heroes in the space-time continum to save the world from the forces of evil! Unfortunantly, none of them showed up. So he got these guys instead.

Description: A less-than-serious Risus campaign for up to 5 players.

System: We're using Risus, an "anything" RPG with only 6 pages worth of rules for silly, comical games like this one. You might as well read them now; it'll only take a few minutes.

Character Creation Rules: In case you were too lazy to actually read the rules, here's how it works. You get 10 dice to create your character, and you sort these dice into "Cliches" that describe what your character can do (such as "Chef" or "Pirate"). You roll cliche dice to determine the outcome of challenges, including combat. You can't have more than 4 dice in one cleche. You can an extra die by coming up with a "Hook" (a major flaw or weakness) and a "Tale" (a short, paragraph long biography). And you need a description of your character, of course.

Here's an example of what a completed character looks like:

Dr. Mcninja
Discription: A tallish guy wearing both a doctor's coat and a ninja mask. Has lots of wacky adventures including one where he punched out Dracula on the moon.
Cliches: Doctor (4), Ninja (4), Detective(2)
If you want to play, read the rules and post your character in the applications section. All you need to do is take a character sheet from another game (such as, say, GURPS) and ignore everything except for the "description" box.

As for the characters themselves, they can be pretty much anything you want as long as you can make a sheet for him. You can even outright steal a character from some anime/video game/comic book/novel/tv show etc. Just don't expect us to take your portrayal of Edward Cullen seriously.

Other Rules: At least one post per day, or I will kill your character in the most outrageous manner possible. He can come back to life at the end of the adventure, but if you want to continue playing untill then you'd have to make a new character sheet.

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