Against the Shadow - Midnight

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Nearly all the other villages had been overrun and left to waste, but Blackmoor was a prized location. It's grain harvests were seen as a strategical resource for the war effort of the Shadow. It has been your home since you were born. Once a beautiful village, but now the shadow has fallen and the people live in fear. The Legate, Treshan, has been in power for the last five year now. More than fifty villagers have gone missing in that time. He calls them 'organized disappearances' and the Legate has increased his watchfulness over the people. His paranoid mind attempting to close tightly and control the people as best he can.

Fear has gripped the people for so long that few even believe in resisting the Shadow Lord. The once proud citizens now think only of survival, even if it means giving up their neighbor. Some have even betrayed their fellow kind completely, and turned to the Shadow completely. Even though the times are dark, there is an air of change about, and hope has begun to creep back into the hearts of man. Are you ready for the call of destiny?

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