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Readying for war against a faction of the Thieves Guild, the Beggar-King has rallied mercenary sellswords and spellcasters to his sooty banner. The conflict mighthave ended quietly, were it not for the Beggar-King’s desperate tenacity. Fearing the overreaching might of the Thieves of Punjar, yet refusing their offers of accord, the King of Beggars foreswore allies of flesh and blood for otherworldly patrons.

Deep within the heart of the slums, in the rat-riddled City of Punjar, the Beggar King continues to weave his plots. From the tile rooftops to the filthy alley sewers, even the bravest of sellswords give pause, wary of the Beggar-King's fell secrets.

Someone must bring his dark reign to an end.

Somewhere in the Between will run 5 players through Sellswords of Punjar by Goodman Games, and is an adventure for level 1 characters. Depending on the success of this endevour, we may continue on into the subsequent Punjar modules. Maps will be done using Google Docs, and a spreadsheet will help us keep our numbers straight.

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