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Place: Absolutely nowhere

Time: Absolutely nowhen

From all the infinite realities, six individuals have been unhinged from their reality and from time itself. They have been recruited to correct realities that have gone wrong. The problems in the realities will effect other realities like a domino effect that will eventually cause all of existence to collapse and disappear. Each individual that has been unhinged will have their lives effected in one way or another from these problems.

However, if they can go to the realities that have gone wrong and correct them, eventually their fates will be altered and they will be returned home to the moment they left. The danger is very real, they can be injured, killed, or fail on their missions, which would lead to being sent home with their fates left unchanged.

Welcome to Broken Worlds, a Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Play-By-Post Campaign.

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