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"Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man."

It has been five long days since the witch Alamyl was forcefully dragged from her cottage north of town, bound, gagged and tortured, placed on trial before the people of Kedalwick and burned at the stake as punishment for "Sundry Acts of Witchcraft."

With her beautiful ebon hair burned off and her clothes aflame, Alamyl used her dying breath to curse the village and its residents. Only the executioner and town priest were close enough to hear the curse, and they have been forbidden to speak of it. Indeed, the executioner hasn't been seen lately and rumors point to a sickness caused by the sheer evil unleashed by the curse.

Later that evening, the sun set with a strange pallor and a thick, heavy fog rolled into town. It has remained ever since.

Though the sun still rises and sets, it appears weakened and frail, and does little to burn off the fog that swirls around the town's streets. Many residents have made panic-stricken claims that the days are growing shorter - much shorter than they should be at this time of year. The veracity of their claims is hard to judge, though, since the fog blocks much of the sunlight and makes it hard to determine the movement of the sun with any real accuracy.

Two days after the execution, a farmstead located a mile outside of town was quarantined. The thirty acre farm belongs to the Evanson family and while the guards will not allow anyone onto the property, rumors are swirling about the fate of farmer Evanson, his wife and their five children.

The situation has steadily grown worse since then. There was a lynching on the third night, a minor riot on the fourth. Some residents have locked themselves in their homes, determined to wait out whatever evil has descended upon the town. Others have formed small bands of vigilantes, threatening violence and "holy retribution" upon anyone that doesn't submit to their "investigations."

A few have left the town, venturing outside of the gates and disappearing without a trace.

Things have gotten so bad that the mayor has started taking more and more extreme measures to quell the panic and stop the rumors.

Characters will be residents of (or visitors to) Kedalwick and must struggle to survive while trying to piece together what, exactly, is going on in and around the town. Those feeling particularly heroic may even attempt to put a stop to it.

The game is part gothic-horror, part survival. Additionally, there will be some sandbox aspects to the game - allowing players to choose their own route. Just be aware that there are multiple timelines at work, and bad things come to those who wait.

I expect the game to be centered around the storyline and the role-playing of the characters. Combat will be brutal and very dangerous. However, even in the midst of a blood-spattered fight for your life, I expect players to be able to write well thought out posts describing their actions.

The posting frequency will be somewhere in the range of 2 or 3 game posts per week. Please take note of this. I don't want to get the game underway and then have folks lose interest because the posts aren't coming every single day. Now, that's not to say that the game won't sometimes move faster (or slower), but I just want to set expectations. In other words, the game will likely value quality over quantity when it comes to IC posts.

Questions are welcomed...

Concept: When an evil curse spreads a horrific darkness across the land, the players must struggle to survive and piece together what is happening to the world around them.

"The world is coming to an end. Realityís fabric slowly frays as the world winds down towards its final days. Everything in society tends towards chaos and decay, death and destruction. That's just the way it has always been. This process is not a social tendency or the byproduct of humanityís choices - it's just fact... and you've got a front-row seat for the occasion." - Clethon, The Wise

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