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  • Created Mar 25 '11
  • Last Post Oct 31 '11 at 6:51pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

The streets are empty. Wind skims the voids keeping neighbors apart, as if grazing the hollow of a cut reed, or say, a plundered mailbox. A familiar note is produced. It's the one Desolation plays to keep its instrument in tune.

It is your thirteenth birthday, and as with all twelve preceding it, something feels missing from your life. The game presently eluding you is only the latest sleight of hand in the repertoire of an unseen riddler, one to engender a sense not of mirth, but of lack. His coarse schemes are those less of a prankster than a common pickpocket. His riddle is Absence itself. It is a mystery dispersing altogether, like the moon's faint reflection, with even one pebble of inquiry dropped in its black well. It is the most diabolical riddle of all.

"Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones, as wind extinguishes candles and fans a fire." -Walt Whitman

Yes, you are certain Walt Whitman said that. One hundred percent positive.

You have a feeling it's going to be a long day.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is an experiment, something crazy and totally against my usual MO. I, generally, look down on games set in other peoplesí non-game related universes. Usually those universes feel already lived in, their stories already told. This may or may not be an accurate way of characterizing such games, but its how I usually feel.

But Iíve been in a Homestuck kick lately, with a Homestuck-themed Exalted character and everything. And then, today, I started researching Homestuck game rules, and the idea of running a Homestuck PbP game just seemed like a good idea.

In fact, it seemed like a great idea. The comic series has established certain tropes and universe rules that can be used. While the main story currently playing out in the comics is completely and utterly character driven (as the four separate universes in the story are absolutely created and shaped by the 16 players involved), if we strip out those characters and start a new universe using the various rules and themes of the comic, I think we could possible do something interesting and fun. And even if this isnít the most creative or magical idea, and nowhere near as magical as the comic itself, it could be FUN Ė and what other point is there for a PbP?

There are a few Homestuck hacks out there, and Iím not sure if we should use them or cobble-something together ourselves. I think a FATE hack might work well for my purposes, but Iím curious as to what other people think.

What is Homestuck?

Homestuck is, for lack of a better word, a webcomic. Itís been going on for several years, has thousands of pages already printed and what may amount to hours of Flash animation and original music. I recommend you read it, because itís awesome. It may sometimes FEEL impenetrable, but it isnít, and itís great.

At its base, Homestuck is a comic about four kids on modern day Earth who are playing a videogame. This videogame leads to the destruction of their Earth and an adventure through time and space, of epic proportions. This explanation leaves so much to be desiredÖ but itís a good starting off point.

So whatís THIS game supposed To be?

To begin, all players would take the role of the main human Houseblocked kids. You are a 13 year old human child living in a fairly "normal" human world. You have no magic powers or other strange skills, though you may be "The worlds best marksman" or, as is the suggestion in another Homestuck game announcement, "The master of sweet dunks". You create , their interests, their fetch modi and all of that. Weíll describe their receipt of the game, their interactions with their Guardians, their introduction to the Medium, and all of that. We wonít be following the actual Homestuck events Ė no one will be playing as Rose, John, Dave, or Jade. If you have to have a frame of reference, pretend this an entirely unconnected session of SBURB being played by a group of different human children.

This game will involve quite a bit of experimentation. Will you all play as the Exiles? Will we ignore the Exiles? How about the Trolls? IÖ I donít know. Brainstorming on those fiddly bits will be something weíll need to work out together.

So, if youíve gotten through ALL OF THIS RANTING, hereís the part where I tell you want in your application.

Application Requirements:

- Your characterís name (First name must be 5 letters long)
- Your character's description - including interests and defining traits.
- A sample post (three or more paragraphs) where you describe how your character/the game responds to the command:

Thatís it

Any thoughts? Any interest? Any anything?

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