Blood and SandWere Man Becomes Legand

Game Description

Game Synopsis
All across the world tales of renown and glory have been spread about a chain of Islands of the coast were 10 noble houses host a Gladiator Arena and battle for champions. For the last 200 years this Arena has been a place were champions have been made and Noble Houses have battled for favor from the King and gain political power. But the backbone of these houses are the slaves that carry the weight of the houses on it's soldiers. From laborers, miners, crafters, brewers, concubines, servants, envoys, messengers and the most import slaves, the Gladiators. There are numerous noble houses spread across the land but they are all under the rule of the King and the 10 Primary Noble Houses. Each one of the houses as a number of Gladiators they train to one day take the Mantle of Champion and bring there House great favor and renown with the King. Most importantly when you become Arena Champion you gain your freedom and with it a Land Deed issued by the King.

You are a low ranking Gladiator who has been spending their life training to become a Gladiator. You have now been chosen to fight and compete as well as bring glory to your house. However there is much to the inner workings of this Gladiator Game that you did not expect and realize that if you do not compete smartly you will soon wind up dead or worse sent to the mines. With the more favor you gain and the higher in rank you climb the more freedom and favor you get. Your even allowed to leave the island compound and in some cases you can take a family of your own or train other Gladiators. As you rise in rank your surroundings become more comfortable. You start in the pits as a low ranking Boot living in a dirt cell with the other boots of your house, to the Rank of champion were you get your own house, servants, concubines, bodyguards and Man at Arms. Based on the choices you make and the friends or enemies you get along the way this is the story of your rise to Power and what it entails. Will you become Champion? Will you fail in this honor? Will you bring your house to Power? Or will it fall to ruin? Will you leave the Island and quest for power and honor in the services of the King? Or will you start a House of your own and continue the proud tradition of Gladiatorial Combat?

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