Earth Inherited

Game Description

"It's been years since the gates of Heaven and Hell opened up, taking the blessed and damned to their respective ends. That leaves us - the so-called 'meek'.... what a joke! - to pick up the scraps. And we're not letting either side finished what they started."

Enclosed are the rules for a diceless system I'm thinking of using, I've not read it all myself yet, but thought I send on...

I've decided to have a Post-Apoc game, but to be different, the world didn't end due you atomic / chemical warfare and aliens did not destroy everything, no something else happened...

The Rapure came to pass....

The earth underwent a final test of faith. A huge proportion of the world's population disappeared in an event known as the Rapture; many of those left behind have been killed in the events that followed.

When the mythical seventh seal was broken, the gates of Heaven and Hell opened up, bathing the world in a blend of holy and infernal power. Those who led lives of altruism, faith, love and good will toward others were taken away to a blissful afterlife, while those who were evil, selfish, and malicious were dragged down into eternal torment. This event happened in a blink of an eye; people disappeared off the streets and even out of moving vehicles. One moment they were there - the next, all that was left was a pile of clothes...
Following the wholesale departure of most of humanity, masses of angelic and fiendish beings flooded the Earth to wage a terrible war upon each other, oblivious of those who stood in their way. The empty cities were soon ablaze from the war between Heaven and Hell and millions of remaining humans were killed in the crossfire.

Whether by accident or design, however, it seems that the gates to Heaven and Hell have been closed behind their denizens, leaving them to their fate in the Earthly realm. If anybody knows who won the celestial war - or even if it's over - nobody's saying. The angels and fiends continue to follow their original missions, but their apparent abandonment in Earth doesn't seem to be part of the plan.
What's left of humanity does has one thing working in their favour - technology. Robotics, cybernetics, advanced-firearms and other high-tech items are not uncommon. Angels and Fiends have taken physical form, and they are vulnerable to bullets, fire and other weapons. Angels may be a manifestation of righteousness and splendor, but a 10mm bullet puts a hole through them like any other creature.================================================== ================================
Earth Inherited a PBEM adventure...
================================================== ======================================
"It's been ten years since what is now called the Rapture. Most of the population vanished in a fraction of a second. Trains crashed planes flew on till they ran out of fuel, ships ran aground, people were hit by driver less vehicles.

The Rapture they call it (although for those that fell to Hell I doubt it was rapturous to them), and that left the meek (well at least that is what the bible said would be left!)

But that was not the end no it was the beginning..."

It is raining again, the rain is more manageable and floods are become unusual now, at least the "7 plagues" that befell for the last nine years seemed not have to have come this summer. But still it is raining and thanks to a battle being fought above your heads right now, you find yourself sheltering in Tottenham Court Road Tube station yet again!

According to the oldies, the veterans of Gulf War 5 (the one when Iran launched a nuclear attack on Israel), back in the 20th century people used these stations as shelters from warfare like now, but that seems too long ago.

There are only about 20 of you huddled down here oldies and mostly young bloods (the ones that were less than 10 when the rapture occurred), but here and there are some people in their 30s and 40s, but given that most of them left with the Rapture they are quite rare.

It was a shock that the fighting started again, a truce had been in effect for 18 months now, Belazghoul was even rumoured to be trading with the Angels for items! But if the rumours are to be believed Gabriel is dead and that has kicked off all hell (pardon the pun!)

Looking around you notice some others that for some reason seem to stand out from the crowd....

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