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Legacies of Wrath

In an age of chivalry and honor, a deadly plague sweeps through the Commonwealth, robbing the people of their strength and the land of its fertility. The plague itself reeks of a foul curse, and has healers across the kingdom baffled. Could this be the precursor to an invasion... or is something more sinister at work?

This is the tale of how six brave individuals stood against a dark god, wielding the power of another age.

Welcome to Legacies of Wrath, an Arthurian-flavored low-magic game.

About the Setting
This is a 4e Arthurian campaign derived of the the Excalibur supplemental from 3.5e and many custom elements. Everything that has been adjusted/restricted/added has been done to preserve the archetype of the setting. Quests, cryptic curses and chivalry abound across the world. Magic returns to its roots, being other-wordly and not simply an accepted 'science'. As such, this game is 'low magic', meaning magical equipment is very rare and often steeped in legend. You will not find a merchant selling +1 longswords or a potion vendor selling different flavored healing potions. This game will use the
At level 3 you receive a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and a +1 bonus to all defenses. These bonuses increase to +2 at level 6, +3 at level 12, +4 at level 17, +5 at level 22 and +6 at level 27. I'm also adding a bit extra to this rule, your critical hits inflict 1d6 additional damage/+1 bonus this rule is providing.
Inherent Level Bonus system

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