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"...Then came the time of dark and death
as the gods turned from the world.
A mountain of fire crashed like a comet through Istar,
the city split like a skull in the flames,
mountains burst from once-fertile valleys,
seas poured into the graves of mountains,
the deserts sighed on abandoned floors of the seas,
the highways of Krynn erupted
and became the paths of the dead.

Thus began the Age of Despair.
The roads were tangled.
The winds and the sand storms dwelt in the husks of cities,
The plains and mountains became our home.
As the old gods lost their power,
we called to the blank sky
into the cold, dividing gray to the ears of new gods.
The sky is calm, silent, unmoving.
We have yet to hear their answer...
--Excerpt from the Canticle of the Dragon

Welcome o traveler to the lands of Krynn. T'was a blessed world where the gods of Good, Evil and Neutrality once walked hand in hand with their countless believers. Each of the gods could grace a devout's prayers with answers of mornings blessing or of death's bane. T'was a world where men and women of valor, warriors of legend strengthened our spirit with their swords and their words. Their very presence alone brought swift justice and order to the lawless and drove back the malice of the abominations. T'was a world where the hopes and dreams of men, elves, dwarf and even kenders could build mighty nations or just simply foster a loving family.

Yes, Krynn and all that was within her was a bounty to behold. But alas that was in ages gone. For now, no god listens to our mournings and petitions. No knight comes forth to wrestle with our demons. And the fair elves and haughty dwarves have all but vanished into their forest kingdoms and mountainholds. The drums of war are ever-present, the arms of disease and famine continue it's horrid embrace, and whispers of ancient evil rising marring what little merriment we squeeze out of our daily lives. But be wary traveler, think not less of us for all of our dreams and all of our hopes are unlike the tendrils of my smokepipes. There are those that rise above our mundane prisons and carry with them the spellwinds of change and shields of renewed faith. Whether these were as foretold? I cannot say...


Dragonlance - Resurrection is a re-invisioning of a classic DnD world. The setting of the game is placed some odd years before the War of the Lance ignites and the face of Krynn is burning with flame and fury. It will be a time where heroes and heroines of Krynn carry on an ancient legacy and continue to do battle against the growing tides darkness, all to maintain the Balance. It will be a time where the strengths and flaws of even the smallest can save a world and the gods.

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