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join us in the Allied Kingdoms of Kerthwin

Players: 4-5, dependent on application quality

disclaimerIt has been a while since I've done a pbp game. I may be a little rust as far as formatting and such goes. This shouldn't effect a great deal, but just sayin'

This game is in a home brew setting, the glamorus land of Kerthwin. A massive land filled with adventure and fortune, waiting for one who is brave enough to claim it. The land of Kerthwin houses several small kingdoms and city states. Much of it is wild and lawless however. The human colonies were set up here only a few centuries ago, displacing many angry dwarves and elves who quickly abandoned their treasures and homes in light of the new invasion. Few of them are left, and the ones who remain spend most of their days drunk. The humans continue to spread across the dangerous lands, many seek their fortune (or someone elses fortune) in the wilds. Rumors of great beasts and powerful creatures are spread far and wide. How will you make your mark on this unformed land?

A quick note on magic
Arcane magic is shunned/frowned upon by many of the inhabitance of Kerthwin. Those who channel divine arts are accepted, but few gods cast their gaze upon this wild land, and the ones who do have no love of humans. Playing a caster would be a large challenege, but not disqualified. Theives are common, highway men and mercinaries even more so. There
are few clerics and preists, but a small number of campaigning palidins can be encountered on the roads.

You are an inhabitant of this new land. The rest is up to you, will you seek fortune and fame? Or the iron glove of control and opression?

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