The Gatekeeper Saga

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Game Information
  • Created May 4 '11
  • Last Post Jul 24 '12 at 3:49am
  • Status Complete
  • System Deadlands

Game Description

I have stood before the Gates of Hell and shouted my defiance.
I have stared down the Devil himself and I did not falter.
I have stood between the innocent and the Hordes of Hades.
I have tasted fear without letting it consume me.
I am the Sentinel that Stands.
I am the Shadow that Stalks.
I am the Savior that Shields.
I am Hound that Guards the Gates.

- Oath of the Cerberus Society

The year is 1879, and the world looks to be going to Hell in the proverbial Handbasket. North and South eye each suspiciously and scientists have started cooking up some mighty (strange and dangerous) inventions. The Tribes sing songs about a great evil spreading throughout the land and many folk whisper about the monsters in the dark. Life is hard and uncertain even out East and downright deadly out West.

But you know that things are so much worse. Your eyes have been opened to the truth of the Reckoners and their plan to bring Hell on Earth. You know that monsters stalk the night and that some folk truck in dangerous magic (you might even be one of them!). That the Agency and the Texas Rangers do what they can to keep a lid on the strangeness in a desperate bid to keep the peace. You know this because you've seen some of it first hand and lived to tell the tale. It was just such an experience that landed you among a mighty strange crowd.

They call themselves the Cerberus Society, though most of 'em call themselves Gatekeepers. Because that's the plain truth of the matter. They hunt down evil and put it (back) in the ground. They work to oppose the plans of the Reckoners, spreading hope and light wherever it's needed most. The Reckoners work to swing wide the Gates of Hell; the Gatekeepers aim to shut 'em up for good. Or at least kill anything that slips through the bars.

Welcome to the Cerberus Society, Partner. Hope you got what it takes to keep your wits and sanity. Because things just got mighty strange and very dangerous. Good luck and Godspeed.

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