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This game is essentially a theory excercise for my own interest. I intend on running this with NO premise, background work, or other notes. I will be building the world as you walk and as you and I interact. I figure if I'm going to have a try of this, I'm going to throw myself in the deep end. You and I shall be building a story together. I've never run a sandbox game before so this is me delving into it to determine whether or not I like it. Once a day minimum posts are required, even on weekends.

The outline;

Solo 3.5e

Level 8

Give yourself some rather Epic statistics; 42 point buy.

Max HP

Any Class, Any non setting specific race max +3LA, ignore HD (If I do not know source we'll have to work together to give me the gist).

Any alignment

Sandbox game

The first village (where you're starting) will be your home village, on the exact day of your departure. You must have reasons why you're leaving the village, the contacts, friends and family you have there and any plot hooks relating to the village.

There will be as little or as much combat, roleplay and puzzles as you search for. I will build the tone around you.

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