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The Kingdom of Tankerage was a peaceful kingdom, king Bryce supported all the towns and villages that sat with in its border. his father had set up a school for adventurers to find treasures and aid the defence lines of Tankerage but there was no defence to what happened to Bryce, his food was poisoned and there was no trace to who had done it but there where suspisions. It may have been one of the counter part kingdoms or the duke himself but the result remained the same with out a king the other kingdomes where bound to strike...

It's been 3 years now and way has just begun between the under dark kindom of Beaz and Tankerage who knows how you made it to the Adventurers Acadamy but its up to you to find the culpret and put an and to the war....

Sorry feeling a bit creativly drained but here are the basics i will right up more detail later when im a little bit more of a creative mood.

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