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  • Created May 12 '11
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Game Description

GM: Me, Ed_Wood

Game Description:
Traveling adventures find danger and intrigue all around them!!

Starting off in the Port City of Denerim, the adventures stumble upon a dangerous situation, which leads them to confront a deadly enemy and make a powerful ally. From there they begin a journey to the hinterlands of Fereldan, where a Bann is looking for adventures to take care of a small problem he has . . .

Game Set Up
Dragon Age is a dark game, with an emphasis placed upon moral choices. Sometimes good doesnít always win, or your only option is to chose the lesser of two evils. This game will allow you to RP tough situations, and make choices that affect your character for years to come. Of course, there will be awesome combat (with stunts!) along the way as well.

Iím looking to have fun with the AGE system. Not familiar, donít worry itís not hard to learn, in fact itís pretty easy! Iíve got both set 1 and 2, so all backgrounds are available to you. Iím looking for a minimum of 3-4 posts a week, but I understand real life always gets in the way, and am pretty flexible.

Character Creation
This will be done in the game forum, the basics are as follows:
Level one character, any background you want. Follow the standard rules for character creation.
Iím looking for a good mix of classes, as youíll need the different benefits each class brings to survive this adventure.
Also, youíll be starting off as a group in Denerim, so think about why your character is in Denerim and how s/he fell in with the group. Keep in mind the pros and cons with your background, and be prepared to RP them. An elf is a second class citizen; donít be surprised when youíre treated like one. A circle mage will be watched closely, and an apostate will need to be VERY careful about when/how they use their magic. These are the things that make Dragon Age unique and fun, and theyíll be used in this game.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

MISC:Iíll keep this tread open until the 19th or I get a good mix of characters, so let the games begin!!

Game Description:

ďDenerim, the capital of Ferelden, began as an outpost of the ancient Tevinter Imperium. The city that has sprung up around it has almost been carved out of the side of the mountain it rests on, and its population has grown beyond the cityís ability to cope. The cramped districts, joined to each other by a network of bridges, are built one almost on top of the other. The narrow streets of the Lower Docks have an almost labyrinthine quality, and the walled-off Elven Alienage is so overpopulated that several purges have been required to keep order in the last decade alone.Ē
óFrom In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi

The Dregs is a working-class neighborhood of servants and laborers in Denerimís Poor Quarter, located west of the Market District and north of the River Drakon. Itís a good place to find a cheap drink after a long day, and a great place to hear the latest local gossip.
However, after an evening of gossip and drink, it has gotten late, and youíre ready to head home. As you head into the streets, you notice the chill in the air, and pull your cloak more tightly around you. The mist is heavy tonight, you mutter aloud; absently, to no one in particular. The few lights along your path do a poor job lighting the way and you hear the half dozen feet running toward you well be fore you see their owners. You also hear a faint unnatural gurgling; a noise not normally associated with humans. Finally the group burst through the mist before you. The quickly stop, eyeing you with suspicion; their blood splatter cloaks making the hairs on your neck standup.
Somethingís not right here . . .

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