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Game Information
  • Created May 13 '11
  • Last Post Jun 22 '11 at 8:09am
  • Status Complete
  • System Star Wars Saga

Game Description

This game will take place 3,996 BBY on Dxun
"The jungles of Dxun are filled with deadly predators. They will stalk you day and night, and the moment you let your guard down they will strike."
―Qordis's ghost

It is Right after the final battle of the Great Sith War. Mandalor the Indomitable lead an attack on the city of Iziz on Onderon.
The combined firepower of the Republic warships and Onderonian Beast Riders proved too much for the Mandalorians to handle. Recognizing that the fight was over when he witnessed the destruction of his orbiting fleet carriers, Mandalore realized that he still had a chance to lead his Crusaders to safety; ordering his warriors to retreat from Onderon and make their way to the moon of Dxun, the atmosphere of which was currently touching Onderon's, Mandalore planned to lose the pursuers in the moon's jungles. However, the Republic warships and Beast Riders continued to chase the retreating Basilisks, concentrating sustained firepower on individual Mandalorian mounts so as to quickly destroy them. During their retreat, Mandalore's personal Basilisk war droid was hit by enemy fire and he crash-landed his war mount on the surface of Dxun, away from any other Crusaders. Making his way from the remains of his Basilisk, Mandalore soon found himself surrounded by a number of dangerous beasts native to Dxun's jungles. Even though he prepared to fight off the creatures, they eventually managed to overcome and kill the Mandalorian warlord.

Your clans are scattered across the planet, without leadership, and without supplies.
Onderon system is now Republic space, but they do not dare to send ground troops to Dxun.

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