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"Legionnaire campaigns involve counterinsurgency and combat tactics, dealing with bandit gangs, militant cults, peasant uprisings, inter-clan wars, and similar problems."

This game will heavily emphasize combat and orders from superiors, as opposed to actually adventuring the world of Rokugan. Players will mainly fight in mass combat as well as in skirmishes regularly. This is not for the faint of heart. As you advance in Insight Rank and Glory you will be given more and more responsibilities, which may even include you becoming a commander (you will be the one rolling on the Mass Combat Chart) or even an eventual general.

Goals will be to respond appropriately to your orders as well as put down rebellions in all its forms.

Please feel free to send me any character, because as the book says:
"The Legions are made up of military personnel from all the clans, often specialists in their chosen profession (Archers, Intelligence, Scouts, Siege, Tacticians, and so on)."

... And if that's not enough, there are several good years to go for wars:
- War with the Destroyers
- War with the Naga

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