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  • Created May 25 '11
  • Last Post Sep 4 '11 at 8:51pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

ContextMarch 23rd 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany; the Nazi party used the superman ideal to oppress and to kill. For many the idea of superhumans was fanciful, for others it was nothing short of aberrant.

March 23rd 1975, a serial killer named Claude Redfern was finally cornered by the FBI, due to sloppy security on the part of the FBI news got out of the impending arrest and the media was present in time for the cameras to witness Redfern hurl a car at the Feds and make his escape. The media circus which followed the event led to Redfern being identified as the first corroborated superhuman, Redfern was nicknamed Fortis by the press. The fact that Redfern was a psychopathic killer caused near hysteria, the government tried to play the story down, and in time the hysteria dimmed. As to Fortis, he was never seen again, some believe that he was tracked down by the military and removed.

In the aftermath of the appearance of Fortis, many governments around the globe have created bodies tasked with countering superhuman threats, and began to search for other super men and women. The official line from government researchers states that most of this new breed are mutants (as yet there is no known cause for the mutations) or the product of genetic manipulation accidental or deliberate, although some individuals who seemed superhuman prove in fact to simply be superlatively well-trained normal men and women.
[More recently, superhuman abilities have been emulated through cybernetic augmentation.]

For over thirty years supers have been appearing sporadically, perhaps one in twenty thousand of the population seem to have some form of super ability. Many less powerful supers simply have enhanced physical ability and are unaware that they are truly special and lived normal lives. Of those who are aware of their abilities the vast majority turn to crime and self-aggrandizement, this new breed of criminal is universally referred to as super villains.

A minority, perhaps one in ten, take it upon themselves to fight for law and order, or for their nationís security, most are amateur crime fighters, labelled vigilantes by the authorities. Even so these Super Heroes have managed to catch the imagination of the press and the public at large.

On March 23rd 2003 the governing body of Interpol passed a motion to expand the function of its operations to facilitate international investigation of super criminal activities. The newly created sub-body of Interpol was christened the Super-criminal Investigation Force or SIF, initially the function SIF was purely advisory, but since 2009 SIF have begun to recruit and train supers as agents to counter super criminal activity.

Most superheroes still operate individually or in teams without SIF sanction, but most have yet to be approached by SIF.

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