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A campaign on the high seas! A time of peace has finally come upon the Sea of Fallen Stars, the pirates only rarely try anything anymore, Many hope that it will stay that way. But there are those who plan otherwise....

It is a sandbox PvP pirate campaign with lots of side-quests available to you. Though there is a story line in the campaign, there won’t be much stress on following a linear path to the end, it will be yours to choose what you do in the story.

Set in a Mediterranean climate the south most populated area is forested in most parts, with deserts in the dryer areas. The northern most inhabited areas have snow for only around three months of the year, while the most densely populated areas have a constant moderate temperature of about 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit (29-32 degrees Celsius) in the day and 70-75 at night. Days are a constant 7am to 7pm with the solstice being only minutes earlier and later.

There are no known dragons left in the world; legend tells of them, but there has been no proof for hundreds of years (therefore there are no half-dragons left either).

For the sake of simplicity, I would ask that you use the following as your rolls (you can decide which number goes into which stat as you see fit). 18 16 14 12 10 10

Starting at 3rd level, everyone is allowed one magical item of no more than 2000gp and some travel gear worth 50gp. Apart from this, you are allowed the base equipment you would get from the class.

The books that are allowed are:
- All books except The Tome of Battle

No Psionics please.

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