One Piece: Deep in the Age of Darkness

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What has become of these seas?

Just as Whitebeard had predicted moments before his death, the One Piece was found, and its discovery led to a great war that shook the world to its core. There was not a single country in the world that did not taste the bitter fires of war. The number of lives lost was uncountable, many cities fell, and much was destroyed. After decades and decades of fighting, few could remember what had started the battle in the first place. Eventually, the world’s strongest forces called for a ceasefire, and a great rebuilding began.

The ceasefire was called on January 1st, 1676, the first year in the Age of Reconstruction. Much knowledge was lost in the destruction, and the world had regressed into a Dark Age. The World Government declared any knowledge of the years from 1450 to 1550 a illegal to study without rarely given permission, and secretly began removing all traces of it from existence. Their lack of success can only be attributed to their lack of absolute power, which had finally crumbled since the beginning of their rule, in the year 722, almost an entire millennium ago.

Several countries or mighty pirate crews still hold their ground as the Government tries to envelop the world once more. Many pirate crews claim territory in all seas. It is not unknown to see a city flying the flag of a pirate crew who will come to their aid. Some pirate crews do the same, flying the flags of countries that they can turn too, and in turn, fight for as privateers. The Government still relentlessly criminalizes any who fly the Jolly Roger, no matter the reason.

The Seven Warlords of the Sea are a relic of the past. The Marines are far smaller than before, now having only one Fleet Admiral above the Vice-Admirals. Their lack of technology, such as Den Den Mushis and mining of Sea Stone coating cripples them, as news only travels as fast as the messenger bird flies. Four Pirate Emperors reign in the New World, their names spoken in whisper, their exploits as much myth as reality.

Another crew of pirates is about to set sail, but what will they amount to? Will they help to usher in a new era of light or thrive in this one? The winds of a new age are blowing...

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