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First off, if you were hoping to find a game I would be running where you could do some Awesome roleplaying and see what I'm like as a DM, then you've come to the wrong place! I'm running a game for my IRL group, and what I'm looking for here is some...

Guinea Pigs :)

Basically, you will make characters, I will accept or decline, and then you'll be in the game.

At which point every time I come up with an encounter, I'll post one and you will face it :)

You'll get XP normally, level up and what not, but there won't be any actual roleplay in this game, at least, outside of combat.

That being said, for this campaign you will follow the following rules:

No setting specific material
All official books are approved, including Dragon and Dungeon Magazine
Any third party material will be approved pending review.
No homebrew
Stats are 6m4d6v1. If your total of all 6 rolls is 75 or lower than you instead have the choice to put the points in at a 1 to 1 basis, base 0.

I.e. 12 points buys you a 12, 18 an 18.

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